Netflix and Virgin America offer in-flight streaming

netflixNetflix is partnering with Virgin America on complimentary in-flight WiFi access that will allow Netflix subscribers to stream content in the sky.

From this week, Netflix users on-board Virgin America’s new ViaSat WiFi-equipped aircraft will be able to stream the movies and programmes to their phones, tablets, and laptops.

The free WiFi promotion will run through to March 2, 2016, and will apply to Virgin America’s 10 new specially equipped airplanes, which are entering service in coming months.

“This advances our goal to bring Netflix to members wherever they are and whenever they want. For us, the future of streaming technology is about delivering an on-demand service that takes advantage of the expansion of WiFi to public places, parks and now airplanes,” said Netflix’s global head of business development, Bill Holmes.

The news comes after Virgin America partnered with ViaSat to offer “significantly faster WiFi connectivity” to its 10 new airbus A320 aircraft deliveries, beginning in September of this year. The ViaSat deal was announced in July.

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