YipTV adds FilmBox channels

OTT service YipTV, which targets people of foreign extraction living in the US with a range of international content, has added 10 channels from SPI International/FilmBox to its line-up of content.

Yip TV now offers subscribers access to: FightBox, DocuBox, FashionBox, Fast’nFunBox, 360 TuneBox, MadscreenBox, FilmBox Arthouse, FilmBox Russia, Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka.

SPI channels will become part of the YipTV premium package and will extend the YipTV line up of 70 channels for the monthly subscription for US$14.99 (€13.30) with no ongoing contract requirement.

“As we look to broaden YipTV’s appeal to our target market, we feel the FilmBox channels from SPI International go a long way toward diversifying our mix of content. We’re not yet anywhere near the breadth of programming we want to offer but these FilmBox channels represent a big step in that direction,” said YipTV CEO Michael Tribolet

SPI International president Loni Farhi said: “We are excited to make our channels available on YipTV to provide diverse types of programming to both ethnic and general audiences in the US. Our worldwide channels FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast’nFun-Box and 360 TuneBox have a general appeal to most viewers as they offer mainstream-level interest, while FilmBox Russia and the two Kino Polska channels cater to a particular ethnic group. Finally, FilmBox Arthouse should generate interest among film aficionados who wish to have access to independent and arthouse films that are not easily accessible via main outlets in the US in particular.”

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