Google reportedly set to launch new Chromecast this month

The first-generation Chromecast

The first-generation Chromecast

Google is set to launch its second generation Chromecast HDMI dongle at an event later this month, with a number of improvements including a Fast Play feature and improved WiFi support, according to US reports.

According to 9to5Google, citing internal documents it has obtained, the device will have a different appearance from existing Chromecast models will also include supports for content feeds on the Chromecast home screen, most likely social media or image feeds. Fast Play will allow Chromecast to establish a connection more quickly than previously.

The new Chromecast will also include support Chromecast Audio, which 9to5Google believes will allow users to plug their devices directly into any speaker by way of an auxiliary cord. The audio feature will also enable multiroom distribution and the mirroring of Chrome or Android audio.

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