TiVo launches ‘TiVo Lite’ product for low-cost boxes

TiVo has launched a new TiVo Lite TV platform at IBC.

Incorporating technologies from recent acquisitions Cubiware and Digitalsmiths, TiVo says the new platform is designed to answer operators’ call for distinctive, next generation multi-screen experiences which can be used to improve their competitive position while also being very cost effective to deploy. Built on Cubiware’s CubiTV middleware, TiVo Lite enables TiVo-based services on a range of low-cost set-top boxes.

Operators can choose to combine TiVo Lite STB clients with TiVo’s mobile applications for iOS and Android, delivering both command and control companion functionality as well as linear, VOD and OTT consumption in and out of the home.

“TiVo Lite provides many of the core elements of TiVo’s award winning search and navigation experience,” said Jakub Gorski, Cubiware co-founder. “Now, by combining our solutions with a significantly lower cost of implementation and localization we are able to deliver a fast time-to-market for new deployments and even upgrades of previously deployed operator set-top-boxes.”

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