JW Player teams with Vualto for DRM

Video player provider JW Player has teamed up with content delivery specialist Vualto to make Vualto’s digital rights management technology available to JW Player’s video publisher customers.

JW Player is used by a large number of high-profile video companies globally but it has not hitherto provided a DRM solution. Vualto’s technology will be made available as part of its enterprise-level solution to enable customers to offer DRM-protected premium content to users.

“Our customers spend significant time and resources producing content for their users, and protecting that content is necessary for their profitability.

Through this partnership, our customers will have access to a host of new features that ensure the copyright protection of the videos played via JW Player.

Vualto’s unbeatable, feature-rich encryption solution made them a natural partner for us, allowing us to better empower the content creators and publishers who work with us to maintain full artistic and financial control of their content,” said Dave Otten, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JW Player.

“JW Player has one of the largest global footprints in online video, delivering billions of hours of video content each month. As their choice of DRM provider, Vualto will be able to deliver our vast technical capabilities to a wider audience and ensure copyright protection for videos watched on both mobile and desktop devices,” said James Burt, CTO and co-founder of Vualto.

“With Google’s discontinued support of Silverlight in Chrome, it was even more important for us to find the best partner company to provide DRM to our customers,” says Jeroen Wijering, JW Player Co-Founder and Product Evangelist. “Through Vualto, JW Player customers will be able to protect the copyright and integrity of their content in all browsers, providing a superior viewing experience across every medium.”

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