Broadpeak launches off-net CDN offering

CDN specialist Broadpeak has launched a new off-net CDN service that it says is specifically designed to optimize video delivery for content providers.

By enabling video content providers to dynamically select the most appropriate CDN when it comes to delivering content outside of the operator footprint, Broadpeak claims that its CDN offering ensures a superior QoE for end users and reduces video delivery costs.

Broadpeak says its solution addresses both on-net and off-net scenarios, allowing video content providers to select the local cache of an operator when the content is available for on-net subscribers, while dynamically choosing the best CDN service for off-net users that are outside of this footprint. A unified packager, hosted by the content provider, guarantees that different CDNs can be used seamlessly.

The off-net CDN service offering consists of Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN CDN selector and its new BkS350 origin packager. Using umbrellaCDN, content providers can balance traffic between multiple CDNs based on various criteria such as geolocation, timeframe, NSP, and QoS. Adding Broadpeak’s BkS350 origin packager simplifies the creation of live, VOD, and non-linear content for OTT applications, enabling video content providers to package encoded content, on the fly, in multiple adaptive bitrate formats, the company says. By hosting the origin server, content providers can better control video quality, protect content, and offer popular nonlinear TV services, according to Broadpeak.

The approach is based on the idea that video content providers place video caching servers in operators’ datacenters to increase control over the delivery chain. This is a key way that content providers can differentiate from the competition in terms of QoS, ensuring that the value of content is preserved, according to Broadpeak.

“A major challenge facing the industry is whether content providers and operators can work together to deliver a compelling video service while improving their bottom lines. Clearly, content providers and operators need to create a relationship that is beneficial for both parties,” said Jacques Le Mancq, president and CEO of Broadpeak. “With Broadpeak’s off-net CDN service approach, operators and content providers can work together to ensure a superior QoE for end users, on any device, to drive new revenue and increase subscriber satisfaction.”

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