Unit sales of Ultra HD TVs to hit 28 million this year

LG's Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

LG’s Ultra HD Curved OLED TV

More than 28 million Ultra HD TVs are expected to be sold in 2015, the largest portion of which will most likely be in China, according to GfK.

The market research firm said that “more than one in every ten TVs sold in Western Europe will be an Ultra HD set” and that their value will be “even more significant.”

“Already 10% of all TVs sold in Germany in June 2015 were Ultra HD TVs, and these were responsible for a quarter of TV sales value,” said GfK.

The research added that the average size of a new TV is now 38 inches (97 cm) in Europe, compared to 31 inches (79 cm) in 2010.

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