Stofa to offer broadband without TV to customers

Danish cable operator Stofa is to offer a broadband-only option to subscribers from the fourth quarter.

The launch will follow Stofa’s decision to offer à la carte TV service Stofa TitTV from next year, where viewers will only pay for channels they want to watch on a month-by-month basis.

Stofa says it has been restricted to date in the amount of flexibility it can offer because of the nature of its agreements with local antenna associations. However, changes in the market mean that it can initially offer the choice of taking broadband services only to about 100,000 households.

The service will be available in Billund, Faaborg, Næstved, Rodby, Skælskør Slagelse, Soro and Sønderborg and via antenna associations Antenneforeningen Aarhus, Løkken Antennelaug and Vorbasse Antenneforening.

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