Tele Columbus launches low-cost mobile offering

Tele Columbus CEO and chairman, Ronny Verhelst.

Tele Columbus CEO and chairman, Ronny Verhelst.

German cable operator Tele Columbus has launched a mobile phone service, offering mobile voice and data for €19.99 and providing flat-rate calls to German networks.

Tele Columbis is providing LTE broadband at speeds of up to 50Mbps. The operator is offering mobile in combination with its existing fixed line double and triple-play packages dubbed 2er Kombi and 3er Kombi. Mobile services will start at €19.99 on top of these, with an additional €4.99 charged on top for users who require an additional data allowance of 1GB.

Tele Columbus has teamed up with low-cost provider Drillisch to offer the service, a move initially announced in May. Drillishc offers mobile services using the Telefónica O2 network.

“As one of the leading German network operators, it is of course our target to provide our customers with a high-performant and attractive flatrate also as mobile service”, says Ronny Verhelst, CEO of the Tele Columbus Group. “With our new mobile option we are now offering a carefree all-inclusive package – a single-source service for communications and entertainment.”

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