Vodafone introduces volume-based 200Mbps internet in Germany

1403210_vodafone_campus_100x120Vodafone Germany, via its Kabel Deutschland unit has launched 200Mbps internet access in a further 25 cities, bring ultra-fast internet to 4.5 million households overall. The company is also introducing a volume-based plan.

According to Vodafone, its 200Mbps service will be available to over 10 million homes by the beginning of next year.

Vodafone is also introducing a two separate price plans for the fast internet service as of September 2. The company is offering internet plus phone with flat rate for both data and telecoms for €39.99 a month for the first 12 months and €59.99 thereafter. It is also introducing a new volume-based tariff, offering up to 200Mbps downstream and 12Mbps upstream up to 1TB of data a month for €19.99 a month for the first 12 months and €39.99 thereafter.

The operators said it expected the latter offer to be attractive for the majority of its customers. The volume based offer is also available in combination with TV services, alongside the existing flat-rate triple-play package.

The minimum contract terms in each case are for 24 months.

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