Piksel teams up with metadata specialist Lingospot

Online video platform provider Piksel has teamed up with TV metadata specialist Lingospot to deliver personalisation, search, targeted advertising and content discovery.

The partnership will make it possible to derive rich, scene-level metadata for each piece of content, comprising the subjects, themes, topics and concepts contained within it, and to use this compiled intelligence within Piksel’s video solutions to drive content suggestions and advertising selections that are personally relevant to viewers, according to the pair.

Lingospot uses patented natural language processing, semantic search, image analysis, and machine learning technologies to analyse multiple modalities of video and extract time-coded metadata about what is happening on a scene-by-scene basis.  Combining Lingospot with the capabilities of the Piksel Palette will enable services such as random access TV viewing, plot based recommendations and personalised media delivery, according to the companies.

“Meeting the demands of the online audience and creating compelling user experiences requires deep understanding of the content itself, one that can be achieved with metadata. This can be accomplished using easily accessible metadata about the video content, in combination with analysis of what occurs within the video content. Rich metadata can power increased usage and monetization opportunities through effective content search, discovery, hyper-personalized recommendations and advertising. All of which play a key role in much-needed service differentiation. The addition of Lingospot’s technology to the Piksel Palette™ will give our customers exclusive access to a suite of enhanced metadata services that are truly innovative in the video space and we are delighted to formalize our partnership together,” said Mark Christie, chief technology officer at Piksel.

“Over the last two years, Lingospot has focused on building the technology to analyze various modalities of video content.  We have become leaders in deciphering exactly what is happening inside a video stream, in real-time.  This understanding goes a long way towards building revolutionary video discovery and consumption experiences. Piksel is a leader in all the technology elements we were missing to launch these services.  We are excited to be joining forces with Piksel as part of this technology partnership and look forward to launching some of these unique services leveraging our combined capabilities,” said Nikos Iatropoulos, CEO of Lingospot.

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