CableLabs opens up DOCSIS 3.1 certification

cablelabs docsis 3.1CableLabs, the US-based cable industry standards body, has opened product certification for DOCSIS 3.1 equipment.

“We expect to see produdct submissions for certification in the near future,” said Belal Hamzeh, director of broadband evolution at CableLabs, in a blog posting.

Hamzeh said that CableLabs had seen four interoperability test events successfully completed since the first event last December, with a further interoperability test event scheduled for next month.

In the initial interops, we saw visible signs of how DOCSIS 3.1 technology will change the industry including the delivery of multi-Gbps performance, and high order modulation densities never seen before in other technologies – both showcasing the capabilities of DOCSIS 3.1 networks even before the equipment has been deployed,`’ he said.

Hamzeh said that CableLabs has also seen progress made by test equipment vendors. “Early results show that the utilization of high order DOCSIS 3.1 modulation schemes will significantly increase network efficiency,” he said.

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