Starz comedy debuts on Facebook without geo-blocking

Survivor's Remorse

Survivor’s Remorse

The second season of LeBron James-inspired basketball comedy Survivor’s Remorse has launched internationally on Facebook, as it will not be geo-blocked.

The first episode of the second run of the Starz half-hour series and new Patrick Stewart comedy Blunt Talk have been made available around the world through the social media platform via James’s and Stewart’s respective fan pages.

The shows will remain available for a limited period ahead of their US premiere on Starz at 09:00 ET/PT on Saturday, August 22.

The move is thought to be one of the first instances of a premium pay TV show debuting for free on a digital platform internationally.

“Starz has sampled many new original series on multiple platforms – including Facebook – over the past few years and we continue to witness first-hand the importance of engaging fans in the social media community who have migrated the ‘water cooler talk’ to a much bigger and virtual break room,” said Starz CEO Chris Albrecht.

Survivor’s Remorse is inspired by basketball star James’s life, following a young man who’ takes his family to Atlanta after signing a pro basketball contract, while Seth MacFarlane-produced Blunt Talk follows Stewart as a British newscaster who moves to LA to conquer the cable news industry.

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