DTVE calls for views on whether pay TV and OTT are partners or competitors

Digital TV Europe is inviting all pay TV operators, content/channel providers and OTT players to share their views on the future of the relationship between pay TV and OTT and help us to build a picture of the possible ways in which the industry could evolve.

The ability to use OTT to deliver TV services direct to consumers is having a significant impact on the traditional pay TV business and the relationship between content providers and their distribution partners. Channel/content companies now have the ability to reach consumers direct with OTT services, while pay TV operators have the option – which many are exercising – to add complementary OTT services to their own offerings or to target new customers with a pure OTT play.

Digital TV Europe would like to find out more about the experience of pay TV operators, content providers and OTT companies in building new partnerships and distribution models, marrying OTT and pay TV. Do you believe that OTT and pay TV providers can work together for the benefit of both, or are pay TV and OTT doomed to be rivals, with established infrastructure-based operators viewing OTT as a threat that could undermine their businesses and OTT providers viewing pay TV operators as unnecessary middlemen that stand in the way of innovation? Alternatively, will pay TV and OTT cease to become meaningful terms as different ways of distributing content to end users converge?

Share your views with us by filling in our short online survey here.

To say thank you for your valuable time, all respondents will receive a copy of the Pay TV and OTT: partners or competitors report, which will include the final results of the survey.

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