NetRange chooses PayWizard for subscriber management

Paywizard screengrabSmart TV and OTT white label service provider NetRange has chosen PayWizard to deliver subscriber management for its pay TV and video-on-demand customers.

PayWizard will supply its Agile platform, which the company says will enable NetRange to boost subscriber acquisition as well as to deliver retention and enable it to upsell and cross-sell new services.

Specifically, Agile will allow NetRange to support more than one content provider during the setup, selling and reporting of their respective subscriptions. Subscribers will be able to buy content on the NetRange platform without having to re-register each time they want to buy content from a different provider.

“Viewers today want to be able to view a range of content in one place, but don’t want to go through the hassle of signing-up and paying every time they want to watch something different. For us, being able to support content providers, and provide subscribers with a hassle-free service, is our number one priority. Paywizard is a recognised leader in pay TV subscription management and understood the challenge of having multiple content providers on our platform. The Paywizard AgileT platform provides us with a wealth of functionality, not only ensuring subscribers can pay for their favourite content simply, but that as a business, we can also drive revenues,” said Jan Wendt, CEO of NetRange.

“In today’s increasingly competitive TV landscape, service providers want to be able to offer as much content as possible in one place- but that means being able to support sign-up, payment and authentication as well as subscriber management functionality. The Paywizard Agile platform is designed for pay-TV, which means that it not only makes the life of a subscriber easier, it also helps businesses to prosper. We are thrilled that NetRange chose our platform to meet all its pay TV needs and we look forward to putting the profit into its service,” said Jonathan Guthrie, CEO at Paywizard.

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