Ultra HD Blu-ray licensing to kick off on August 24

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are expected to begin shipping later this year following the Blu-ray Disc Association’s decision to begin licensing the format from August 24.

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs will deliver high dynamic range content along with expanded colour range, high frame rate (up to 60fps) and up-to 3840×2160 resolution. The Ultra HD Blu-ray format will also deliver immersive object-based sound formats. An optional “digital bridge” feature is designed to enable people buying Ultra HD discs to view their content across a wide range of in-home and mobile devices in order to better compete with non-physical media formats.

Ultra HD Blu-ray players will also be required to play back current HD Blu-ray Discs.

“Ultra HD Blu-ray enables the delivery of an unparalleled, consistent and repeatable experience that will set the standard for Ultra HD entertainment, the same way Blu-ray Disc did for high definition viewing,” said Victor Matsuda, chair, BDA Promotions Committee. “With the commencement of licensing we would anticipate product announcements from various companies as we approach the 2015 holiday season.”

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