Spain helps lift Mediaset performance

MediasetAn uptick in Spain helped partially offset a continued decline in the Italian advertising market for broadcaster Mediaset in the first half. The group turned in first half revenue of €1.721.1 billion, down from €1.724.8 billion, and EBIT of €137.5 million, up from €109.5 million last year.

In Spain, ad revenues rose form €446.5 million to €473.2 million, while in Italy ad revenues fell by 0.8% to €1.011 billion.

Mediaset said that the full year performance of the group remained unpredictable because of uncertain market conditions. It said it hoped to increase its share of both the ad and pay TV markets, thanks in the latter case to its July 1 launch of an enhanced Mediaset Premium offering focused on its exclusive grip on Champions League football rights.