Proximus to launch new SwipeBox service, posts strong TV growth

proximus tvProximus Group – the former Belgacom – is to launch a new TV and OTT content sharing service later this year along with a new TV interface.

Proximus’ SwipeBox will enable customers to instantly share personal content such as pictures and Internet content including video content with family and friends by displaying content from a smartphone or tablet onto a TV screen.

At the same time, Proximus will launch a new interface accompanied by a new Proximus TV App that will provide the same experience on smartphones and tablets as on the TV, while transforming these devices into virtual remote controls, according to the company.

Proximus saw TV subscriber growth of 35,000 in the second quarter, taking its TV total to 1.692 million.

Triple and quad-play customers grew by 14,000 to a total of 1.161 million or 42% of the operators’ total base. Proximus saw broadband growth of 25,000 in the second quarter, taking its total to 1.813 million.

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