Nos boosted by mobile, sees return of pay TV growth

NOS Iris newPortuguese pay TV operator Nos saw its revenue-generating unit base jump by 64.2% in the quarter to June thanks to a 50% rise in mobile net additions.

Nos added 248,400 net RGUs in the quarter, up 209.2% on the same quarter last year. Mobile net adds numbered 130,800. Nos added 248,700 convergent RGUs, a lower rate of additions than the same quarter last year and the previous quarter.

Iris advanced TV additions numbered 41,600, a third lower than the rate of additions for the same quarter the previous year and 15.3% down on the previous quarter. Iris (pictured) is now taken by 87% of multiplay subscribers, according to Nos.

Nos now has 2.443 million convergent RGUs, up 142.5% on the previous year, and 509,800 convergent customers.

The company saw its pay TV base return to growth for the first time since 2012, adding 13,900 subscribers.

Operating revenue for the second quarter were €355.9 million, up 3.2%. EBITDA was €138.5 million, up 3.2%.

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