Sky expands on-demand offering in Germany

sky deutschland_eingang_1253x823_02Sky in Germany has rolled out a major expansion to its Sky Anytime service, offering more content to stream on-demand through its Sky+HD receivers.

Sky said that via web streaming, customers can now access up to six times more content than before, including recently released movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and series premieres of TV shows like the second season of True Detective, immediately after their US launch.

Other content now available via on-demand includes entire past-seasons of shows like House of Cards and Game of Thrones, as well as documentaries, Sky Arts content, children’s programs and sports highlights.

“By expanding the streaming function, we offer subscribers with Sky + receivers a lot more variety of programs on demand precisely where our content is most used: on TV,” said Peter Schulz, vice president of on-demand programming at Sky Germany.

Customers can access the on-demand content by connecting their Sky+ receiver to the web via a network cable or a Sky WLAN module.