Primacom hails success in extending housing market reach

primacom housing marketGerman cable operator Primacom has extended its reach through contracts with the housing industry by about 12,000 households during the first half of this year, while renewing contracts to supply services to a further 55,000 homes for between 10-15 years.

The cable operator hailed its achievement in securing the deals after starting the year with contracts in place for homes only in the low single-figure thousands.

The company’s growth in the housing sector follows its 2014 acquisition of Deutsche Telekabel, the country’s sixth largest cable operator, which had an established presence in the sector.

Primacom said its expects continues growth in housing industry contracts in the second half of the year.

“Primacom is now in an excellent position to further intensify its successful partnership with the housing industry: our products and services compete in price and performance at eye-level with the globalised cable operators and telcos. As a medium-sized company we are also able to respond to the individual requirements of the housing industry and their tenant target groups in a much more flexible and individual way than our competitors,” said Jean-Pascal Roux, who has headed housing industry sales for Primacom since last August.

“Our strong position in eastern Germany and our presence in Berlin, Hamburg and the urban areas of Leipzig, Halle, Chemnitz and Dresden gives us a vital edge in experience: The long-term and nationwide developments in the housing industry such as the aging population and the booming cities emerge first in these regions. There, we develop innovative solutions we can offer our partners throughout Germany. This includes communal collaborations, for example for public Wi-Fi, or new tenant information services like a digital blackboard.”

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