Motive to add OTT services to TabletTV

Motive logoTechnology provider Motive Television is set to add over-the-top TV services like Netflix and YouTube to its TabletTV service.

Announcing the move, Motive said that it has developed new technology to add internet-delivered channels to its TabletTV offering in the UK and US, with plans to beta test the new offering this summer and to launch it in early autumn.

Motive said that OTT channels that will be available on TabletTV in the UK will include BBC iPlayer, STV Player, ITV Player, All4, BT Sport, Netflix and YouTube, with “a similar selection of the most popular internet channels” to be available in the US.

Users will be able to customise their list of internet channels based on their viewing preferences, with the content to be available alongside broadcast TV channels.

“The addition of internet catch-up TV and on-demand channels will expand and enhance the value of TabletTV to the user and make Motive’s apps unique in the industry,” said Leonard Fertig, CEO of Motive.

“Together with the launch of Mobile PVR, announced earlier this month, Motive is developing the most convenient, simplest, and lowest cost mobile viewing alternative to an immense market of mobile viewers.”

TabletTV is designed to let Android and Apple customers access broadcast TV through their tablets, via Motive’s proprietary app and ‘T-Pod’ antenna-tuner.   

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