Europe launches consultation on media in the digital age

European Commission 2The European Commission has launched a public consultation in a bid to make Europe’s audiovisual media landscape “fit for purpose in the digital age.”

The consultation will seek feedback on Europe’s current media framework – the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) – and is part of the EC’s Digital Single Market strategy.

“The AVSMD applies to television broadcasters and on-demand services like Netflix, but not to Internet services hosting user-generated content (like YouTube, Vimeo etc). Is the current system working or should new services be further regulated, either by the Directive or via self/co-regulation,” asked the EC, saying the consultation will seek opinion on the scope of the current directive.

“This is the first time respondents are offered a wider variety of options while giving their feedback to the consultation. Besides answering the consultation questions, they can now send their own ideas on how to improve legislation, provide their personal experience on how the AVMSD works, even create polls to ask other people’s views on their suggestion.”

The consultation will aim to get feedback from market players, public organisations, consumer organisations – as well as TV viewers and users of online media services like Netflix, YouTube, DailyMotion and HBO GO. It will run until 30 September.

Tags: AVMSD, EC, Regulation