Motive launches mobile PVR for the US

Motive thumbTechnology provider Motive Television has launched a Mobile Personal Video Recorder that it claims to be the world’s first ATSC format PVR for mobile devices. 

The product provides the ability to time shift over-the-air programmes seen on tablets and mobile devices, and works with the TabletTV app and TPod in the United States.  Users can schedule to record programmes up to seven days in advance and then watch them for their personal use at a later time.

TabletTV in the United States already has the one-touch recording feature which permits pausing, playing, and recording a current programme. However, the new Mobile PVR will extend that capability to recording future programmes for later viewing.

Mobile PVR will be introduced as a beta version this month to existing users of TabletTV in the US and made available to the general market in September. In the future, Motive plans to licence its Mobile PVR software to other vendors of consumer electronics and app providers.

Leonard Fertig, CEO of Motive said, “The development and launch of Mobile PVR is another first for Motive.  It has taken significant man-years to develop a reliable software-based video recorder that works in the mobile device environment. This new product enhances the value of TabletTV and confirms Motive’s position as a market leader in mobile viewing of television.”

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