African Movie Channel launches on Lebara Play

Lebara PlayAfrican Movie Channel has signed up with the new Lebara Play OTT TV service, securing distribution outside Africa for the first time.

Lebara Play, the recently launched OTT service from low-cost mobile communications specialist Lebara, carries  over 150 channels in 13 languages and has a catalogue of about 3,000 movie titles.

The service is currently available in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands, and will be in the rest of Europe over the summer, and other territories worldwide by the year-end.

African Movie Channel specialises in Nollywood and other African productions. The channel is available on the West African English bundle on Lebara Play.

“African Movie Channel brings the best in domestic African productions to its viewers across Africa. Broadcasting on Lebara Play in Europe is a fantastic opportunity to showcase top African talent to the African diaspora, and a bigger audience. We are extremely delighted to be back in the European space where we started, serving the burgeoning need for top-notch African content,” said Yinka Mayungbo and Lola Onigbogi, founding partners and co-directors of the channel.

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