Cisco debuts IoT System

Cisco has outlined key elements of an Internet of Things system to address the complexity of connecting digital devices and to provide an infrastructure that it says will be able to manage large-scale systems of diverse end points and platforms.

The Cisco IoT System encompasses network connectivity – routing, switching and wireless products – Fog computing – a distributed computing infrastructure that extends computing capability and data analytics applications to the edge of networks – security – unifiying cyber and physical security – data analytics, management and automation and an application enablement platform – a set of APIs to enable third parties to design and deploy their own applications.

Cisco has also launched a group of IoT products to fill out its IoT System, including network connectivity products – the IE5000 IE switch, the IW3702 wireless access point for mass transit and city WiFi, the IR809/IR829 series of routers with WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity and a number of other connectivity products – physical and cyber-security products – including the 360° %MP and 720p IP cameras and physical security analytics – Fog Data Services for analysis of data-in-motion, and management and automation products – the IoT Field Network Director management software and Fog Director, which allows central management of multiple applications running at the edge of the network.

Partners for the Cisco IoT System include GE, Itron, OSISoft, smartFOA, Bit Stew, Davra, SK Solutions, Toshiba and Covascis.

“The Cisco IoT System provides a comprehensive set of IoT technologies and products that simplify and accelerate the deployment of infrastructure for the Internet of Things. This unique systems approach delivers a framework that makes it possible to deploy, accelerate and innovate with IoT,” said Kip Compton, VP/GM, IoT Systems and Software Group, Cisco.