UPC Cablecom extends catch-up service, fast internet

UPC CablecomLiberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom has extended its Replay catch-up TV service on its Horizon advanced TV service to seven days and has launched a 500Mbps internet service across its network. 

The company has updated the Horizon service, integrating Replay into the TV guide and allowing users to havigate forwards and backwards via the EPG. About 99 channels are available. Cojntent is available from the last seven days or for 30 hours depending on the subscription they take.

The Replay service also comes with a restart function, enabling customers to view programmes from the start if they have missed the beginning.

The updated service is available to all new Horizon digital TV customers and to most existing Horizon subscribers.

UPC Cablecom has also doubled its top internet speed from 250Mbps to 500Mbps. The new premium service is available across its networks.