Numericable-SFR adds MYTF1

facade_campus_sfr_maxime_dufour__photographies_3French service provider Numericable-SFR has added commercial broadcaster TF1’s catch-up service to its platforms, according to local reports. 

The move will mean that Numericable-SFR subscribers will be able to access the MYTF1 Replay service on their TVs via their set-top boxes, bringing catch-up content form the main TF1 channel, including Koh Lanta and Grey’s Anatomy as well well as content from thematic channels TMC, NT1 and HD1.

TF1 is at the same time expanding the range of content available on MYTF1, including pay content via MYTF1VOD.

The expanded service is already available on rival service provider Free’s Freebox platform.