TiVo launches online portal for TV discovery

TiVo online screenshotTiVo has launched a free web portal designed to make it easy for viewers to find programmes they want to watch from both cable services and streaming apps.

TiVo Online is designed to be a comprehensive, personalised search service across all sources of programmes.

Available for PC or Mac, users can also use it to stream live and recorded TV when on their home network, or click to watch shows from supported programmers and streaming sites.

“TiVo Online is the service you can rely on to guide you right to what you want from cable and video on demand, streaming services and web videos and opens the renown value of TiVo’s search to find and connect straight to your favourite content in a simple, easy to use fashion,” said TiVo president and CEO, Tom Rogers.

“With TiVo Online, viewers who have yet to experience TiVo can utilise the powerful search and discovery features TiVo subscribers have appreciated for years.”