4K TV shipments grew 400% in Q1, says IHS

4K_GTV_IHS4K LCD TV shipments grew by nearly 400% year-on-year to reach 4.7 million units worldwide in the first quarter of 2015, according to IHS stats.

The research firm said that the volume of 4K shipments “barely dropped” from the seasonally strong fourth quarter, with particularly strong demand in China during the Chinese New Year holiday season.

However, overall TV market growth was “not as robust in Q1” with total TV shipments falling 2% year-on-year and LCD TV shipments alone rising by just 3%, according to IHS.

“4K TV shipments in China account for over half of global demand and set a new high-water mark in the world’s largest 4K market,” said Paul Gagnon, director of TV research for IHS.

“This growth was driven by an expanded assortment of screen sizes between 40-inches and 50-inches that have recently become available from manufacturers, and retail premiums well below 50%, which is encouraging consumers to upgrade.”

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