Virgin fends off eleventh Rovi patent claim

Virgin Media M_R_LOGO_RED_RGB_REGUK pay TV operator Virgin Media has won its latest patent case against Rovi Corporation, marking what Virgin claims is the eleventh successive defeat for Rovi out of the eleven patent disputes.

All of the eleven patents asserted by Rovi have now either been found invalid and/or revoked by either the English Court or by the European Patent Office which was responsible for granting them, said Virgin.

However, two of these eleven are still under appeal by Rovi and are due to be heard in the Court of Appeal by the end of the year.

The most recent patent case related to a TV programme guide that uses software and information downloaded from the web. Rovi withdrew its infringement claim ahead of trial.

“This victory is an important landmark. It is Rovi’s eleventh defeat out of eleven, and upholds our position regarding Rovi over the last seven years.  Virgin Media will challenge the two appeals Rovi seems to be pursuing. We are confident their claims will remain unfounded in the courts,” said Virgin Media’s chief corporate affairs officer, Brigitte Trafford.

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