Technetix to showcase digital broadband optical/RF platform

The Technetix DBx platform

The Technetix DBx platform

Technetix will showcase its digital broadband optical/RF platform (DBx), available with up to 1.2 GHz operation bandwidth downstream and 200 MHz upstream, at ANGA COM. 

This amplifier/nodal solution takes a modular approach to changing network needs, accounting for operators’ architectural requirements and providing stepped and multi destination growth paths for when those requirements change, according to the company.

The field-upgradable features modules that are interchangeable across the amplifier range. Technetix’s 1.2GHz NCI solution for the headend is a narrowcast inserter/combining solution that complies with the CCAP isolation requirement of ≥70 dB, and has been designed to offer maximum flexibility for minimum rack space, along with low power consumption and high isolation, according to Technetix.

The platform’s services management facility enables network realignment on combination systems without outages, and the platform features remote management, auto setup and network performance alarms. Both the DBx platform and the NCI solution are compatible with DOCSIS 3.1.

Technetix will highlight its range of 1.2 GHz in-home amplifiers that it says accommodates a range of install configurations and situations, and are designed as either a one-, two- or four-output device. Multiple forward and return path band split options and various gain configurations are available.

The company’s upgraded indoor splitters are a progression of the Ecoline range, pushing performance levels to 2GHz. Existing Ecoline form factor is maintained, for a straightforward 1GHz to 2GHz upgrade, according to the company.

Technetix’ double galvanic isolators maintain insertion and return loss characteristics up to 2GHz, according to Technetix. Wall mounted and barrel-style units are available, featuring compact housing designs for one-, two- or three-output devices.

Currently, Technetix is focused on offering solutions to allow fibre to the end user with an RFoG (radio frequency over glass) solution. Its new RFoG micro node range offers a compact, standards compliant product, allowing operators to use existing RF architecture to deliver next generation services to customers where FttP (fibre to the premises) can be used, the company says.


Technetix will exhibit at ANGA COM in hall 10.2, stand A11.