More than four in five UK ad campaigns run on multiple devices

Videology: 84% of all campaigns ran on more than one device in Q1 2015.

Videology: 84% of all campaigns ran on
more than one device in Q1 2015.

Some 84% of UK ad campaigns were delivered across multiple screens in the first quarter of the year, according to research by ad technology platform Videology. 

The report claims that multi-screen campaigns are “changing the way the industry thinks about advertising and measurement in the UK,” with the proportion of multi-device campaigns climbing from 79% in Q4 2014, reflecting evolving consumption habits.

“More and more marketers are turning to a more holistic approach to their campaigns, driven by the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to cater to consumer convergence,” said Rich Astley, managing director, Videology UK.

“Addressing consumers’ needs across multiple screens is becoming an imperative for advertisers, and with the increasingly sophisticated mobile market showing no sign of slowing, it is mobile devices that will play a major role as part of successful cross-screen strategies.”

The study said that 96% of advertisers buy their digital video ads on a guaranteed CPM basis – the same approach that they use for TV advertising.

The majority of UK impressions in Q1 were served on entertainment websites, making up 59% of all the impressions. Sports websites accounted for 11% of impressions and news and information sites 10%, according to the research.