ATX Networks launches 1.2 GHz RF management platforms

ATX's Maxnet II

ATX’s Maxnet II

ATX Networks is featuring its newly expanded Maxnet II and SignalOn 1.2 GHz bandwidth RF management platforms at ANGA COM.

Maxnet II and SignalOn are both CCAP-compliant, modular RF management platforms. ATX has expanded the active and passive options in both to1.218 GHz bandwidth to support DOSCIS 3.1.

“Maxnet II is an ultra-dense, MCX/F connector-based RF solution with SNMP/web remote control/monitoring. SignalOn is a high density, F/BNC connector-based RF/L-Band solution,” said ATX.

At the show, ATX will also showcase its new UCrypt IP to PAL gateway, which is designed to convert IP video streams to PAL in a space-efficient and cost-effective manner.

According to ATX, this device can ingest up to 60 MPEG-2/H.264, HD/SD video streams and convert them to PAL. Future versions will also include support for decryption of Verimatrix and other DVB CSA-based streams.

ATX Networks designs, manufactures, markets, and delivers a range of digital video, OTT, and IPTV solutions, targeted at the global cable television industry and Private Video Networks.


ATX Networks will be exhibiting at ANGA COM in hall 10, booth J18.