Zinwell integrates HTTV OS for new set-tops

Regis Saint Girons

Regis Saint Girons

Taiwan-based set-top manufacturer Zinwell has integrated France-based TV software provider HTTV’s httvLink combined HbbTV and HTML5 operating system in its receivers.

The new product, based on Broadcom’s BCM7563 DVB-T2 chipset, will be demonstrated at BroadcastAsia, and is expected to be adopted in the Asian and African markets.

Zinwell set-tops with httvLink will provide DVB-Ts modulation along with HbbTV 1.5-based internet applications.

“This collaboration with Zinwell and Broadcom will enable us to provide consumers with a best-in-class user experience. HbbTV is the obvious choice for the fast moving emerging markets in Asean and Africa. The Broadcast / Broadband nature of HbbTV allows to pave the way to the growing broadband penetration while still perfectly addressing markets that do have access to the internet with enhanced Broadcast services,” said Regis Saint Girons, CEO of HTTV.

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