NHK and FIFA team up for 8K World Cup

JFifaapanese public broadcaster NHK and football’s world governing body FIFA are joining forces to cover the Women’s World Cup in 8K.

NHK, which took an early lead with high definition and subsequently 4K, is also at the forefront of trialling the new 8K standard.

For the World Cup it will have public 8K screenings of several games in Yokohama City and Kawaguchi City. Both will feature 300+ inch screens and be free for the public to attend, following pre-registration.

There will also be 8K soccer screenings in New York and LA. In Canada, where the tournament is taking place, there will be a screening in Vancouver.

In the group stages of the tournament, which kicks off next month, NHK and FIFA will have 8K coverage of the matches between the US and Australia, Japan and Cameroon, and the US and Nigeria.

There will then be 8K screenings of later stages of the tournament.

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