BBC updates iPlayer on BT Vision set-tops

new bbc iplayer for tvThe BBC has updated the version of its BBC iPlayer service that is available on BT Vision set-top boxes, making 30-day catch-up content available to BT Vision users for the first time, along with access to excusive iPlayer content, the Radio 1 video channels and BBC iPlayer collections.

The move completes the BBC’s consolidation of BBC iPlayer TV platforms. The BBC has moved from operating eight different versions of the catch-up platform on TVs a year ago to one platform today.

In a blog posting, BBC iPlayer senior product manager Peter Lasko said that the BBC had made a number of other key changes to the TV version of iPlayer.

Other new features on the TV version of iPlayer include live channel playback, meaning that viewers can watch BBC One live via BBC iPlayer if their broadcast signal is subject to reception problems. 

The BBC has also now added an audio description category to the TV version of the service, grouping content with audio description together in one place and aligning the TV version with mobile, tablet and web versions of the service.

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