RTL-owned Videoland goes 4K with 24i

VideolandRTL-owned video-on-demand service Videoland has partnered with TV application developer 24i Media to launch a new 4K, Ultra High Definition (UHD) smart TV app.

Videoland, which serves the Dutch and Belgian markets, will initially be available as a 4K app on Samsung, LG and Sony smart TVs.

24i Media said that with the launch of its UHD Videoland service it has also upgraded its Smart Operator app with live 4K capabilities on selected platforms – combining traditional and OTT content delivery in a single user experience.

“As the demand for streaming HD video grows, delivering that content in a user-friendly format required by leading-edge, connected devices grows that much greater. A large number of these devices are smart TVs,” said 24i CEO Martijn van Horssen.

“The 4K display market could be at least US$52 billion by 2020 and our work with Videoland and RTL is an early milestone in what will eventually be a standard in the market, which we believe will be led by smart TVs.”

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