Cisco launches CCAP platform, names Altice as key customer

Cisco's cBR-8

Cisco’s cBR-8 ‘hub-in-a-box’

Cisco has begun commercialising its new cBR-8 CCAP-based, DOCSIS 3.1-ready cable platform and has revealed that Altice and Comcast are among the first customers for the product. 

According to Cisco, the cBR-8, which it describes as a hub-in-a-box, integrates previously standalone functions required in a cable hub. The company claims the product could enable savings of over 40% of capital and operating expenses over five years, compared to other CCAP platforms. Cisco claims that the platform can deliver internet access speeds up to 10Gbps.

In addition to DOCSIS 3.1, the cBR-8 will deliver distributed CCAP, full spectrum video convergence, and software defined networking (SDN), according to Cisco.

Cisco says that the cBR-8 will be the cornerstone of its multi-access cable portfolio. It is providing migration support services for operators as part of its offering.

“This step is part of our long-term investment strategy. We are building the next generation of fixed mobile converged networks. With a combination of Cisco’s Evolved CCAP, DOCSIS 3.1 and migration to NFV/SDN, Altice will continue providing the best customer experience, based on the highest bandwidth and cutting edge technology,” said Max Blumberg, chief technology officer, Altice Group

“After years of working directly with major cable operators around the globe to develop this leapfrog CCAP technology, the inherent business value the cBR-8 delivers truly sets this product apart.  Implementing cBR-8 into the network will allow our customers to scale to full DOCSIS 3.1 and converged video services, reducing both capex and opex costs, while keeping the cable network competitive and cost-effective for the next decade,” said Brett Wingo, vice-president and general manager, service provider infrastructure group, Cisco.

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