Selevision unveils new codec with Full HD at 1Mbps claim

Middle East-based technology and content provider Selevision has unveiled what it describes as a revolutionary new video codec, dubbed Nukodec, that it says will delivery full HD channels at only 1Mbps.

Selevision, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia-based Khusheim Holdings, says that Nukodec is designed to replace both H.264 and HEVC/H.265 and that it will made the technology available to industry players across the globe.

Selevision says that the codec is compatible with any HEVC-compatible player.

“As a technology and content provider, we are constantly innovating behind the scenes to develop products and services that improve access to content. Our Nukodec algorithm enables access to Full HD quality content at a lower bandwidth, which is particularly significant for those living in areas, often remote, where telecommunications services are limited. The benefits of switching to our new code include faster content delivery, cost savings and increasing storage capacity, making the switch a no-brainer,” said Raed Khusheim, CEO of Selevision.

“With access to a Full HD channel at only 1 mbps, a saving of over 80% bandwidth is now possible. Even 4K content can now be broadcast using only 4 mbps with Nukodec. We hope to see players across the industry adopt the technology quickly, to the benefit of their business and end-users.”

Selevision’s announcement follows the recent launch of the Perseus Codec by stealth startup V-Nova, which claims to be able to deliver standard-definiton video at bitrates previously only suitable for audio.

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