Nagra launches anyCAST Connect content security

Content security and interactive TV technology provider Nagra has used TV Connect to launch anyCAST Connect, a hybrid conditional access and DRM content protection solution for connected devices, including set-top boxes and TVs. 

Nagra anyCAST Connect provides a single CAS/DRM client to securely and cost-effectively deliver any content, over any network and to any device it enables, said Nagra.

According to the company, the product is designed to address the problems faced by pay TV service providers as they expand the number of networks and devices they use to deliver content, which has seen them frequently adopt multiple and disparate content security solutions to reach each of those devices. This has led to increased licensing costs, multiple clients per set-top box, and operational complexity.

According to Nagra, anyCAST Connect allows operators to integrate a single client for the secure delivery of broadcast, IPTV and OTT content to the home, and extend the security for the redistribution of content within the home. The anyCAST Security Services Platform can also manage other third-party DRM systems in order to reach generic devices, the company said.

“A rapidly changing environment requires flexible and adaptable security solutions. We have completely re-imagined what content security should look like in a multi-network, multi-device, UHD, connected world. With anyCAST Connect, we can secure premium content in a variety of use-cases, using Nagra’s high-security hardware roots of trust, trusted execution environments, third-party roots of trust, right down to software-only implementations, to ensure that our customers can reach any device they want with a modular level of security,” said Maurice van Riek, senior vice-president, head of content and asset security for Nagra.“

“Video operators today are managing more services than ever, including live, VoD and DVR services to set-top boxes and multiscreen devices, in-home content distribution, and third-party OTT services. The operational challenges of this landscape are immense, and there is a pressing need for functional integration to achieve unified subscriber- and product-management, operational efficiency and end-to-end security,” said Sam Rosen, practice director, ABI Research. “Nagra’s anyCAST Connect is a new unified single security client which allows set-top boxes to receive broadcast, IPTV and operator OTT services as well as third-party OTT services. This product will help operators reduce complexity of the set-top box security stack while better managing client security and maintaining the highly secure environment for which Nagra is so well respected.”

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