Sky Deutschland strikes wireless partnership with AirTies

sky deutschland_eingang_1253x823_02Sky Deutschland has partnered with AirTies to allow its customers to wirelessly stream content from the Sky Anytime service to Sky+ HD set-top boxes.

Through the agreement, AirTies – a supplier of wireless, OTT and IPTV technologies – will provide Sky Deutschland with its SC201 wireless connector.

Sky customers will be able to plug this into their non-wireless set-top box to stream content over WiFi.

Sky Deutschland first launched Sky Anytime in August 2011 as a push-VOD service. Customers can access free on-demand movies, TV series, entertainment and sports programs, with content automatically downloaded to the customer’s set-top box hard disk overnight via the cable or satellite signal.

In December 2014, Sky Deutschland also made Sky Anytime available over the web, adding “up to six times more content than before.” Sky customers in Germany can already connect their Sky+HD box to their router using an Ethernet cable, but the AirTies deal adds a wireless option.

Sky has already agreed similar wireless deals with AirTies in the UK and Italy.

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