iWedia partners with iFeelSmart for Android STB software

Hervé Creff

Hervé Creff

Swiss-based TV technology firm iWedia has partnered with French TV user-interface specialist iFeelSmart to deliver a bundle of television software for Android TV set-top boxes.

The two companies will deliver a bundle that includes iWedia’s Teatro-3.5 set-top box software and iFeelSmart’s Andromeda user interface.

Andromeda is billed as a TV user experience (UX) that provides “simple and intuitive access to all services around live TV.” It is designed to make the legacy TV screen “as fast and playful as the newer screens – mobiles and tablets”.

iWedia’s Teatro-3.5 software for Android TV uses iWedia’s Android4TV framework and APIs to integrate the multicast, unicast and broadcast components needed to give support to managed IPTV, OTT TV and broadcast TV services.

It allows access to live TV – over IPTV, OTT, and over DVB – on-demand and catch-up services, recording and time shifting features, as well as to Google services including YouTube and the Google Play app store.

“With see this bundle as a perfect match. We bring the software to extend Android TV towards multicast, broadcast and PVR services, while iFeelSmart brings a UX that allows TV service providers to efficiently promote their offering in an Android environment,” said Hervé Creff, vice-president of marketing at iWedia.

At the same time, iWedia announced it has migrated its Android4TV framework to Android Lollipop and Android TV.

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