Gazprom Space Systems begins moving Yamal-300K to new position

yamal 300k moveGazprom Space Systems has begun moving the Yamal-300K satellite from its previous location at 90° East to its new orbital slot at 183° East.

The Russian company estimated that the move would take about six weeks, with the satellite ready for commercial operations by the end of May. From the new position, the satellite will provide coverage of the Russian Far East and East Asia, with steerable beam coverage of South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

During the relocation and subsequent operations at the new position the satellite will be controlled from Gazprom’s Mission Control Centre in Shchelkovo, assisted by the Eastern Control Centre in Skvortsovo near Khabarovsk. For interchange of telemetry, command and ranging data these sites are connected by fibre optic lines and satellite links via Yamal-401 sаtellite.

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