TDF and Rai begin LTE-A+ trials

TDF Besan_on_Bregille transmitter_2528French transmission services provider TDF and Italia public broadcaster Rai this week began trial LTE-A+ mobile TV broadcasts in Paris and Aosta. 

The trial is based on a ‘Tower Overlay’ concept developed by the Technische Universität Braunschweig in 2013. US outfit GatesAir is a partner in the project, which is also supported by Expway and German broadcast research institute the IRT.

According to TDF, the principal object of the trial is to demonstrate the possibility of convergence between LTE and existing distribution infrastructure by adapting eMBMS-based LTE Broadcast for traditional TV distribution towers.

The trial will involve two streams sharing the same UHF channel, with one stream aimed at DVB-T2 reception and the other aimed at delivering specific content to 4G smartphones and PCs and tablets.

TDF has received permission from French media regulator the CSA to use a UHF frequency to broadcast the streams from the Eiffel Tower. The stream for mobiles is made up of a mix of live TV, VoD, catch-up TV, live radio, podcasts, magazines, news services and software updates.

In Aosta, two adjacesnt transmistters in the Val D’Aosta and northern Italy will use the same frequency to deliver content and this trial will be extended in the coming months to two further transmitters, airing four HD TV streams in DVB-T2 and four mobile video streamins using ALTE-A+, encoded in HEVC.

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