Google brings programmatic ad buying to streaming devices

Rany Ng

Rany Ng

Google is now allowing to TV providers to programmatically monetise inventory across web-streaming devices services, following its acquisition of mDialog last year. 

In a blog post, Google director of product management, Rany Ng, who also presented at NAB this week, explained that Google has now connected mDialog’s inventory to its DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

mDialog specialises in delivering ads to internet-delivered TV content, and the new implementation means Google is now letting TV providers monetise across different screens and internet-streaming devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

“We’re experimenting with additional models, like linear TV, as well. As just one example, we’re running trials of addressable ads into linear TV set-top boxes via our Google Fiber service in Kansas City. Powered by DoubleClick technology, we are helping local businesses connect with customers in that market by delivering more relevant messages to viewers,” said Ng.

“Ultimately delivering addressable ads whether across TV ads served via the internet or through the set-top box is about delighting users with the best viewing experience. It’s a technology that everyone in the industry can get behind.

“Advertisers have always wanted the customization, programmers and distributors have always wanted it to maximize the value of every impression and viewers appreciate more relevant ads. Addressable TV is a win-win-win proposition.”

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