Top 100 pay TV services add 5 million subscribers

Informitv pay TV operator tableThe world’s leading 100 pay TV services added 5.11 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2014, a rise of 1.42%, according to Informitv’s April Multiscreen Index report.

The study said that the 10 ten services with the most subscribers – topped by US operators Comcast, DirecTV and DISH Network – gained 1.65 million subscribers in the last three months of 2014.

During full-year 2014, these top 10 services added 5.53 million subscribers and claimed a combined total of nearly 130 million TV customers.

“While television services remain a big business, they are part of a broader communications industry in which fixed and mobile broadband services are increasingly important. 2015 is likely to be marked by continuing consolidation as corporations combine their operations to achieve scale in a competitive market,” said Informitv.

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