Liberty Global launches Horizon on Ziggo and drops UPC brand in Netherlands

ZiggoLiberty Global has launched its Horizon advanced TV service on Ziggo’s network in The Netherlands. The company has also adopted the Ziggo brand for all its Dutch assets, with UPC Netherlands’s services rebranded as Ziggo from today.

Ziggo subscribers can now view all Horizon services via the Horizon Mediabox, including catch-up TV, enabling them to view content from a wide range of channels for seven days after their initial broadcast.

Ziggo Customers are also able to view content on multiple screens thorugh the Horizon Go app and also have access to the MyPrime on-demand service.

Horizon is being rolled out step-by-step across Ziggo’s footprint and is being marketed as part of a new series of Connect and Play packages, with Connect used as a catch-all for internet and telephony services and Play used for TV.

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