TV technology firm 24i raises US$2 million

Martijn van Horssen

Martijn van Horssen

TV everywhere (TVE) technology provider 24i has raised US$2 million in funding, which it will use to expand its TVE and over-the-top TV technology to new partners around the world. 

Newion Investments invested in 24i, with cash also coming from Dutch governmental guarantees on loans for innovation.

24i, which has worked to produce multiplatform TV apps in Europe for companies like Fox Sports, Videoland, RTL, Pathé and HBO, said it is especially interested in expanding in the US, having recently opened a Los Angeles office.

“This will help us to grow internally and meet the demand of new partners internationally, as well as continue to provide the best service possible to our long list of current partners,” said 24i CEO Martijn Van Horssen.

“No matter where viewers are watching, 24i is ready with the best solution for that screen, whether it belongs to a mobile device or a set-top-box monitor.”

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