Motive releases European version of TabletTV

TV technology company Motive Television has released TabletTV Europe, the latest version of its app for viewing live TV on iPads, following approval buy the Apple App store. 

The technology enables users to view locally broadcast channels on iPads in any European country that uses the DVB-T broadcast standard. The app will be available to users of the existing UK version of the app as a free download and will use the same DVB-T tuners as the existing TabletTV platform, enabling them to use it while abroad.

According to Motive, TabletTV Europe will enable broadcast TV viewing wherever digital terrestrial television uses the DVB-T broadcast standard in MPEG-2 format.

The company said that TabletTV Europe has all the functionalities of TabletTV UK 2.0, which was released earlier this week, including recording and playback, home network, and social networking when connected to a home network.

Motive said that TabletTV Europe will in the future provide the basis for the local language versions of TabletTV in European countries as Motive seeks to conclude partnerships with broadcasters in each country.

“The addition of TabletTV Europe is a convenience for British TabletTV users who travel on the continent and want to be able to watch TV where and when they want while there. In addition, programmes that have been recorded on TabletTV while in the United Kingdom can be taken along and viewed while abroad, and vice versa.  The phrase ‘don’t leave home without it’ will apply to TabletTV now as well. This is a step forward toward making TabletTV a global product,” said Motive CEO Len Fertig.

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